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THe farm

The farm was built in 1795-1799. It has later had several buildings added. The farm has in later years been split into smaller pieces. It was originally a very big farm, it had its own bakery and a servants’ quarters, but has been reduced to 107 HA including an old tenant’s cottage, 4 barns and several smaller buildings that were used for pigs and chickens.

The farm also produces BIO maize, cereal and hay, most of this is used for feeding the animals.

The house and nearby surrounding buildings are enclosed within a thick and high stone wall that hides the details of this fascinating building.

Today the farm is producing 60 to 65 or more BIO Limousin calves per annum. Most of this is sold to France and Spain for meat. For more information about Limousin cattle :

The farm house is approx 570 m2, it has 6 bedrooms and 2,5 bathrooms, a dining room, 3 living rooms, kitchen and a library. 3 of the bedrooms are for guests.

The main house at Le Masferat in pencil

buildings and landscape

Restoration of the buildings is a work in progress. Priority having been given to the running of the working farm there remains much to be done. The farmhouse itself has been partially renovated and whilst livable has many rooms to be decorated and renovated. The nearby surrounding buildings range from occupied housing (now separated from the estate itself) to a piggery. Some hints of former glory and what it will become are evident in the newly dug pond as well as the large fountain basin.


Aside from the cattle, Ingrijd’s trusty steed lives here though too old to be ridden he still enjoys the company of friend’s horses. Limousin wildlie abounds. From the Limousin “mascot” of the fire salamander to the lizards and grasshoppers that abound.

Its hard not to love the calves and their characterful mothers. Not to mention the big bulky bulls who preside over their harem.

The machinery

Well its a farm, what else does a farm need but tractors and the machinery that goes with them.

the beef

Every stage of the process is carefully managed. From the breeding and husbandry to the the plate. The process is carefully controlled, the abbatoir and the butchery is all monitored for the perfect product. The meat is properly process to arrive at its Norwegian destination (or elsewhere) in perfect condition. Advance ordering allows for only the freshest of meat to be packaged and delivered to your door.

I said every stage didn’t I? We even supply recipes especially suited to the gourmet characteristics of Limousin beef.